Upper School

The Upper School is comprised of grades seven through twelve and operates on a traditional schedule during which students complete six or seven classes over the course of the whole year. The class periods meet for approximately 45 minutes each day and include Advanced Placement and honors options. Class sizes range from four to twenty-four, with the average size being sixteen. The eight-block day includes room for seven courses, or six and an optional study hall, with one block dedicated to an extended lunch/club meeting time daily. This scheduling system reduces gaps in instruction and skill progression from year to year and affords students an opportunity to participate in multi-age lunches and club meetings. Upperclassmen may also choose to use two successive blocks to take courses at Southside Virginia Community College, Hampden-Sydney College, and Longwood University. 


Grade 7

English 7  
Social Studies 7  
Pre-Algebra or Math 7  
Science 7  
PE/ Health  
Spanish/ Steam/ Technology  
Intermediate Band/Art 


Grade 8

Pre-Algebra or Algebra I  
Physical Science  
Intermediate Band/Art 

Grade 9

English 9 (College Prep or Honors)  
World History 9  
Algebra I (CP) or Geometry (Honors)   
Earth Science   
Spanish I  
Steam/ Technology 
Concert Band /Art /Theater /Fitness /Yearbook  

Grade 10

English 10 (College Prep or Honors)  
World History 10 (CP or Honors)  
Geometry (CP) or Algebra II (Honors)  
Biology (CP or Honors)  
Dr’s Ed/ Health  
Spanish II or Latin II  
Concert Band /Art /Theater /Fitness /Yearbook 

Grade 11


English 11 (CP) or AP English Language and Composition  
U.S. History (CP) or AP U.S. History  
Algebra II (CP) or Pre-Calculus (Honors)  
Chemistry (CP) or Chemistry (Honors)   
Bridgebuilders/ or Communications  
Spanish III or Latin III  
Concert Band/ Art/ Theater/ Fitness/ Yearbook  


Grade 12


English 12 (CP) or AP English Literature and Composition  
Government (CP) or AP U.S. Government  
Honors Pre-Cal or Honors Calculus  
AP Biology/ Science Elective  
Spanish IV  

Electives: Marketing & Entrepreneurship/ Band/ Art/Theater/ Fitness/ Yearbook/ Personal Finance and Economics

*Extended campus offerings: College Courses online or at nearby colleges  



 AP Science—Environmental, Biology, other 
 Elective Science—Anatomy, Physics, other 

 Senior Seminar* (grade 12 only) 

 Economics/Personal Finance 

History Elective 
 Spanish 1-4 

 Internships and Externships 

For more information regarding courses and electives, please visit our Parent-Student Handbook