Strategic plan

We are grounded in our belief in the Boundless Individual Potential of each student. At Fuqua School, students are known, encouraged, challenged, and given ample opportunity to discover their interests. Empowering students to be their best selves, whatever paths they choose, remains the distinguishing feature of our school. This strategic plan, crafted after listening to our constituents, looks both at how we can continue to serve each student, and at how we can strengthen the school as a whole to assure the exceptional educational experience Fuqua School offers remains valuable and accessible to the multi-county region we serve.

Based on an inclusive process of listening to our constituents, the Board of Trustees has accepted the recommendation of a diverse and representative Strategic Planning Committee to focus on five areas: Academic Excellence, Faculty Excellence, Technology, Financial Sustainability, and Marketing and Community Outreach.

Academic Excellence

Assure our academic program fully prepares each student for whatever higher education and career path he or she might choose.

Faculty Excellence

Assure our students continue to be led by highly qualified, caring teachers who keep pace with evolving pedagogies, educational tools and practices, and who always seek to improve their craft.


Assure our students are well prepared for the technologically-based world they will inhabit, to take advantage of educational innovations enabled by modern technological tools, and to nurture student interests in computer science and digital arts.

Financial Sustainability

Assure our school has multiple revenue streams, and exercises fiscal prudence and creativity to deliver the maximum program for funds invested.

Marketing and Community Outreach

Assure potential students of all backgrounds have an accurate understanding of the benefits of a Fuqua experience; and to be a good neighbor, partner and contributor to the multi-county area we serve and call home.