About Us

chance reynolds-head of school

Welcome from Head of School, Chance Reynolds.

When a family comes to visit us here at Fuqua School, I love when they ask the question, “Why Fuqua School?”

Is it the small class sizes and the individualized attention each student receives? Perhaps it is our family atmosphere and the life-long relationships our students develop with their teachers and coaches? Could it be the fact our students are well-rounded and can pursue their interests as part of several sports teams and clubs on campus? Might it be the development of our students’ character due to our emphasis on core values? Is it the traditions we observe, the beauty of our campus, and the safety and support we provide our students? The answer is all the above.

Here at Fuqua School, we are uniquely poised to help our students pursue career interests in multiple areas. We encourage our students to attend colleges and universities of great reputation and merit. We empower our young people to become leaders for positive change in our community and in our world. We foster the development of our students’ boundless, individual potential, not only in school, but in life.

If these goals are similar in nature to your own, I encourage you to give us a call, come and visit campus, and allow us the opportunity to explain why Fuqua School would be the right fit for your child.


Paul “Chance” Reynolds, M.P.A., Ed.S.
Head of School
Fuqua School